Television: Elementary, "The Female of the Species"

. . . "is deadlier than the male"? Isn't that the saying?

Story line A: Holmes and Detective Bell team up to find two pregnant zebras taken from the Bronx Zoo.

Story line B: Watson knows Elana March (from way back at the start of the season) is behind the attempt on her life that resulted in Andrew's death. But since March is already in prison, there's less a question of her paying for her misdeeds and more a question of how and when she'll try again to kill Watson.

A plot: Zebras found, sans babies. Also, a dead veterinarian.

B plot: Watson under protection, Holmes bringing her food.

A + B: Holmes does some work at Watson's apartment, and Watson points out an abandoned farm within the search radius that might be good for hiding baby zebras.

A plot: A baby . . . quagga? Supposedly extinct, but someone at the zoo evidently doctored the wombs of the zebras. Meanwhile, where is baby #2?

B plot: Watson receives scary mail. Also, Andrew's father returns stuff that had been hers that he found in Andrew's apartment. He tells Watson he wishes she'd taken the threat of Elana March more seriously before his son died. Having all that police protection now is a bit like closing the barn door after the horse has bolted. (Well, except maybe it keeps the second horse in?)

A plot: Holmes and Bell identify which zoo worker is the culprit. Basically he wanted to sell the quagga to help pay his PhD debts. But the guy gets away.

B plot: Watson comes to the conclusion that, due to her occupation, she will never be able to have a "normal" life. After all, a boyfriend is a vulnerability right? Someone will always be out to get her, and a boyfriend is a good way to get to her. Better to just dedicate herself fully to her work as a detective.

A plot: Holmes is severely disappointed in Bell. I think it's because Bell wasn't willing to pull an all-nighter? And so Holmes ended up setting up the sting that catches the baddie all on his own.

B plot: Watson receives a letter from Jamie Moriarty that promises to have Elana March taken care of (and we see Elana dead in her cell). Watson isn't sure if this is better or worse than having March after her. Also, Watson tells Holmes she wants to move back into the brownstone.

Roll credits.

A pretty decent episode on the whole, if a tad rote. I do like that they don't write Holmes as not having any feelings, but as someone who is a bit awkward when dealing with those feelings. He is sincere, and he knows what's expected of a friend, but it still doesn't come entirely naturally. On the other hand, I'm not sure I buy Watson's behavior. I mean, I understand the logic in it, hypothetically, but . . . There is just some tiny thing "off" about it to me. We'll have to see how it plays out.

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