Television: Scorpion, "Going South"

So this show is starting to become a tad rote in that I no longer have to give it my full attention when it's on.

In this episode, Sylvester continues to worry about telling Walter that he (Sylvester) is seeing Walter's sister Megan. Meanwhile, Walter manages to piss everyone off after giving a solo news interview in which he comes out looking stellar but everyone else's names and qualifications get muddled. Walter insists he was only trying to drum up new business for them, but Toby calls him narcissistic.

Then Cabe brings in a wealthy man whose daughter is being held by a Mexican drug cartel. The man has already paid two million dollars in ransom, but the baddies are asking for more. It takes Sylvester all of thirty seconds to figure out where the girl is being held (the town, anyway), and the client is ready to send his own team in to retrieve her, but Walter gets the great idea they should do it.

Pride goeth . . .

The rest of the episode was, as I mentioned, rote and my interest faded. They fought a bit, they did something clever, blah blah blah. They got the girl, of course. End of story.

Oh, and Sylvester did finally tell Walter about Megan. And Walter warned Sylvester that Megan was in decline (for those coming late to the party, she has MS and lives in a care facility), which was something he didn't think Sylvester could handle. But Sylvester assured Walter he could and would.

And that was kind of it. From what I saw.

There is a kind of MacGyver feel to the show—MacGyver always saved the day, too, didn't he? And in clever ways? And I loved MacGyver, but maybe it's that I've grown up, or maybe it's just that the supporting cast (Jack, Pete, and certainly Murdoc) paved the way for far more interesting stories. Yeah. This show needs a Murdoc. Maybe they're setting up Mark Collins to come back and act as that? Of course, assuming Mark is brilliant enough to get out of custody . . .

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Chemist Ken said...

Doesn't Toby call him narcissistic in almost every show now?

Yeah, some of the things they do to solve problems are so over the top, that it's hard to take it seriously sometimes. I guess it's hard for the writers to keep coming up with new challengers for them that don't sound the same every episode.