Television: Scorpion, "Love Boat"

A weak episode. It barely held my attention, and it didn't even need to because I could follow the story even without giving it much thought.

Some rockets get stolen and put on a cruise ship, so Sylvester, Paige, Walter, and Cabe masquerade as passengers. And then things go Captain Phillips when the baddies take over the ship. And then the captain turns out to be the chief bad guy anyway. Whatever. The good guys win.

Meanwhile, Happy and Toby are on Ralph duty, coaching the kid through a crush. This part of the show was only marginally better than the main plot.

And in the end, Paige encourages Sylvester in his pursuit of Walter's sister Megan. Walter cancels a "work dinner" with Paige that would have taken place in a fancy restaurant on Valentine's Day . . . And gives the reservation to Sylvester, not knowing Sylvester plans to ask Megan out.

This change in plans on Walter's part is apparently precipitated by feedback from an ex-girlfriend who just happened to be on the cruise with her fiancé. When Walter asks her how he can do better in relationships, she points out that he got bored with her as a girlfriend; his quick-moving brain loses interest too easily. Walter's goal, then, is to find someone who will keep him on his toes or someone he'll at least never get bored with.

We also find out Drew is spending a month in Maine with the Sea Dogs.

On the whole, just kind of a blah episode.

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