Television: Community on Yahoo! Screen

The first two episodes of Community's Season 6 are now on Yahoo! Screen. I'll admit I was nervous on a couple scores: (a) How easy was this platform going to be to use? and (b) What would losing Shirley and adding Frankie do to the show?

In regards to issue (a), it wasn't so bad. I mean, I'll admit to a fatigue with all these channels and streams of content. Netflix, Hulu, On Demand, and now I've got to add Yahoo! Screen to the list? Ugh. But then, Yahoo!'s whole goal was to put themselves on that list, and by picking up cult favorite Community, they've done the job. (Now pick up and produce my TV pilot, Yahoo! Seriously.)

There were a few hiccoughs in getting the show to work the way we wanted. For one thing, it wouldn't cast to our Chromecast. Sigh. It didn't load so easily on the laptop or mobile phone, at least not the first time. We did finally watch the first episode on the laptop, but so many ads! Compared even to Hulu Plus, which limits ads to only a couple per break. Blech. We finally went into the guest room and used the Apple TV for the second episode, and that worked much better (and eliminated the ads).

As for issue (b), well, the writers did the work for us. Basically, they played to the audience, hitting everything on the nose. Changes to Greendale?! And of course everyone hated Frankie for coming in and making those changes, at least at first. But, as needs must, the end result was a reluctant acceptance of both Frankie and those changes. Because both Frankie and those changes were necessary to Greendale, just as they were necessary to the show itself.

Community is different, yes, but based on these two episodes, it's none the worse for the move to Yahoo! and changes to the cast. And the codas to the episodes are a riot, too. Here's to Season 6, and maybe that movie . . .

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