Television: Elementary, "For All You Know"

Remember, remember the 7th of December . . . 2011, that is*. Except Holmes can't because he was still in the throes of his drug addiction. So when he's accused of murdering a cleaning woman on that date, he can't 100% be sure he didn't do it.

Watson is, of course, convinced of Holmes's innocence, and so begins the push-pull of contention: Watson so sure Holmes is a good person, even when drugged up, and Holmes insisting she does not know the person he used to be.

The episode itself poses an interesting problem, and there's never anything more compelling than (a) exploring characters' depths while (b) putting them in jeopardy. Too bad it was pretty clear who did it the moment the murderer appeared on the screen. So I spent my time waiting for them to get around to it. In the meantime, though, I was suitably entertained by the personal conflict.

And I liked Oscar. I know I'm probably not supposed to, but . . . I dunno. I feel like he's a character who could become semi-regular and add an interesting new dimension to the show. An updated version of Doyle's street urchins. (If you're wondering, Oscar is a junkie Holmes used to hang with back in his drug days. Oscar now sells knock-off handbags on a street corner.)

I won't go through the intricacies of the plot, but I think it's safe to say that Holmes, of course, is not a murderer. At least not in this instance. Maybe there's something we still don't know? . . .

*I do actually remember this date because I was in London at the time and lost my voice.

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