Television: Gotham, "RedHood"

I've fallen behind on some of my television viewing. And I can't say much about this episode of Gotham because my DVR went wonky and wouldn't show me the end. So the last thing I saw was Alfred getting stabbed.

In truth, I didn't find the episode all that interesting. Oswald (Penguin) was having trouble getting booze for his club. Fish Mooney used a spoon to take out one of her own eyes when the guy running whatever "facility" threatened her. An old military friend of Alfred's turned up and, as always happens, while staying at Wayne Manor began to steal things. They should just not have guests. It's when Alfred caught him that the guy stabbed Alfred.

Meanwhile, Jim and Harvey were following a band of bank robbers, the leader of which wore a red hood. Except the other robbers kept killing whoever had the red hood and then a new leader would take it for himself . . . Makes them difficult to catch when they keep changing, I guess. But despite the episode title, there wasn't much story here, nor was a lot of time devoted to it.

Meh. I can at least hope my DVR will let me watch all of the next episode, if and when I get around to it.

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