Television: Scorpion, "Young Hearts Spark Fire"

I knew even from the title it wasn't going to be much of an episode. I was barely required—or compelled—to look up from my laptop while watching.

Um, okay, youth group lost in the woods . . . Go find them except Santa Ana wind shears bring the copter down . . . And then the requisite forest fire. ::shrug::

We all know there's a second season. And we all know this isn't the kind of show where they kill of core characters. And none of us care enough about the helicopter pilot or youth group kids to care if any of them die. Sorry, but we don't.

End result: zero tension, zero interest.

One could argue the show is not about whether they get the job done (they always do) but how. But even by that metric, this episode was weak. Green smoke? Okay, whatever.

Usually, then, one can hope for something good to be happening on the interpersonal side, but all we got in this episode was (a) more of Toby and Happy mincing around one another, (b) Toby confronting Walter with the idea Walter has feelings for Paige (if it took Toby this long to notice, he's not the genius they want us to believe he is), and (c) more of Sylvester's phobias and pent up anger at his parents. Groan.

I'm worried that Scorpion is engaging me less and less each passing week. While I always knew it was going to be formulaic, the way it hearkened back to old favorites of mine gave me hope for its potential. But now it's beginning to flatline. We need a bit of a shakeup to keep things even moderately interesting.

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