Television: Elementary, "The View from Olympus"

A driver for an Über-like company called Zeus is killed by what appears to be an angry cabbie. Motive? Well, these driving companies are taking money away from taxis, right?

But it turns out the cab part is all show. So why does someone want to kill this particular guy? (Whose name is Galen, btw.)

The "cabbie" who killed him is not a cab driver at all, just a sex offender being blackmailed into committing murder. And Galen's girlfriend—a married woman—was similarly being blackmailed. So Galen is the definite target. But why?

Well, Galen also worked as a wannabe investigative journalist. And it appears his getting a job with Zeus was no coincidence; it was, in fact, a journalism tactic as Galen searched for inside info.

Once we visit "Olympus" and meet the Zeus team, it's pretty easy to pick out the culprit. And, yes, the guy I pegged was the one. No surprises there. Turns out he uses Zeus' extensive data on its users to stalk pretty ladies. Kind of a weak climax in an otherwise interesting case.

B plot was interesting as well. Holmes has a sex friend named Agatha coming to visit, so Watson decamps for a hotel. But then Agatha puts forth the idea that Holmes might consider donating his sperm so she can have a baby. Feels cliché to an extent, but the logic is there: Holmes is a very good specimen, at least in terms of intellect. His addictive and obsessive personality traits, well . . . One would hope the child didn't inherit them. But he is, on the whole, a fair candidate.

Holmes is naturally upset that Agatha would violate their "contract" by complicating things this way. And then he discovers she's been put up to the whole thing by his father who wants to ensure the Holmes family line. Ultimate betrayal.

I do like that they're keeping the mysterious Holmes pater in the mix.

I don't like Sherlock's hair. The shaving is weird and oddly distracting.

But in all, a solid episode.

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