Television: Gotham, "Beasts of Prey"

So Gotham was back last night, and I almost didn't care, which is always a bad sign.

Like, Penguin really wanted to invest in a dive bar, but the woman wouldn't let him unless he got her . . . niece? granddaughter? I dunno . . . back from the guitar player she'd shacked up with. So after cutting off a few guitar-playing fingers, that was all done. ::shrug::

And Fish Mooney orchestrated a jailbreak for a handful of the people stuck in that whatever-it-is. She did it by sacrificing the worst of them, of course. I noticed, too, the digital colorist wasn't doing a great job on that blue eye she's supposed to have now. Knowing that Jada Pinkett Smith won't be back next season makes me wonder whether that doctor is going to turn her into something so unrecognizable it will take a different actress to play her? Or maybe she'll just die. Either way, they've paved Jada's exit.

Bruce and Cat went looking for Alfred's old friend to try and find out who put him up to stealing those documents. And then Cat pushed the guy out a window when Bruce didn't have the courage (or maybe he did have the restraint). But did Bruce really need to ask? Surely it's clear the board has a vested interest in hushing things up?

The most interesting part of the show was that Jim was set on the trail of a serial killer known as "the Ogre." The guy kidnaps women and forces them into domestic submission, but when they eventually fail to be the perfect wives he wants them to be, he kills them and goes in search of another. Apparently this has been going on for a while and has been hushed up because the Ogre, when he gets wind of someone being on his case, goes after the investigator's loved ones. So we're supposed to be worried now about Leslie, or maybe by extension Barbara. But I can't foster much concern. I do at least find this Ogre plot somewhat interesting, but on the whole the show is starting to lose me. We'll have to see.

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