Television: Gotham, "Under the Knife"

Sal romances Oswald's mother, much to Oswald's irritation. Nygma takes the plunge toward becoming The Riddler by repeatedly stabbing Kris' abusive boyfriend. Bruce and Cat continue to plot, which extends to going undercover at prom the Wayne Enterprises Ball. And (as I'd previously predicted), Barbara becomes the target of our Ogre serial killer (aka Jason, because that's what you name serial killers) because he thinks she's Gordon's girl.


It was nice to see Daniel Davis again, in this case as Jason's father Jacob. Jacob was the butler of a wealthy woman who took to Jason, practically treating him as her own. So when Jason killed her, Jacob covered it up—meaning there's a really desiccated corpse in the master bedroom. Jason also used to have a massive facial disfiguration, but Gordon and Bullock discover a plastic surgeon had done work on him . . . Leading to the murder of a nurse.

Jason goes after Barbara but underestimates her. At the end of the episode, he shows Barbara his hidden room filled with all his serial killer stuff and . . . She smiles? Was that a smile? Waiting to see how this plays out.

It was an episode filled with people snapping. Oswald kills the messenger (literally), and Nygma kills Kris' insufferable boyfriend.

Meanwhile, we're wondering if Fish Mooney ever landed that helicopter.

Actually, I'm not wondering. I don't much care. Which is sad. I'm pushing through to the end of the season, but I still feel as if this is a show I could walk away from and not miss.

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