Television: Mad Men, "Severance"

Don has become mostly uninteresting at this point: twice divorced and chasing tail by ordering pretty girls from the casting department. Sigh. He's gone from sexy to sad, and he's only just starting to realize it thanks to weird feelings of "knowing" a familiar-looking diner waitress from somewhere (and screwing her in an alley), and having a dream/vision of former flame Rachel only to learn she's just passed away.

Then there was some stuff about pantyhose that was clearly explicitly designed to showcase how badly women were treated back in the day, the lewdness they were (and sometimes still are) required to put up with. Peggy tries to just roll with it, but Joan gets her dander up and engages in retail therapy (after Peggy reminds Joan she's rich, after all, and doesn't have to do anything she doesn't want to).

Peggy also went out with someone's brother-in-law, got drunk, and invited him to Paris but couldn't find her passport, so they had to postpone. In the light of day, she came to her senses, of course, but it'll be interesting to see how she wriggles out of the Paris weekend—or doesn't.

And Ken gets offered severance because McCann Erikson is still bitter about him and doesn't want him on the team. Ken's wife is telling him to give up the rat race and write that novel, but Ken goes one better: He gets a job with his father-in-law's company, the one whose advertising account he used to handle. Now he'll be the client, and he's in a wonderful position to give everyone hell. Good for him.

It was something of a soft start to the final episodes of the series. Only five more after this one, though, and we're all wondering where everyone will land in the end.

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