Television: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., "Melinda"

Skye finds out Jiaying is her mom and is immediately told that they must keep it secret from the rest of the people at Freak High. (Seriously, that's what I'm calling it. It's just another version of Professor X's school, right? A satellite branch or something?) And she finds out her birthday is July 2, which will make reading horoscopes a lot easier.

Meanwhile, as Skye's world gets better, Raina continues to mope and complain and bewail. But Gordon is there to make her feel better.

Fitz gets Fury's toolbox open while locked in the men's room of a diner. Then he FaceTimes Coulson and Hunter for help.

But of course the feature story is getting to hear about May's becoming "The Cavalry." Which is kind of a transformation in and of itself, but without all the unruly powers.

Seven years ago, May (then happily married and planning to start a family) and Coulson took a team to Bahrain to collect another "gifted." But it all went wrong, and a bunch of agents and the target ended up in a hostage situation, along with a little girl. With no time to wait for backup, May went in.

We're to the point now that, if you've watched any of this show or the Marvel movies, you can guess what's coming. The little girl—who May was particularly intent on saving—was actually a gifted person who enjoyed feeding on others' pain. She was controlling the men in the building, turning them zombie-like. And when she refused May's help, May was forced to shoot her. But she also got all the agents out safely. And because they didn't remember anything, she became known as "the Cavalry."

The aftermath: May taking a desk job and deciding against becoming a mother after all. And, by extension, the dissolution of her marriage.

To be honest, it's all a bit of a letdown. One almost would rather the Cavalry story remain unspecific legend, since almost nothing would have lived up to hype.

Meanwhile, back in the present day, May and Simmons begin to uncover a nest of lies Coulson has been telling . . . I guess we're supposed to be shocked, but we all know Coulson too well to believe he doesn't have a damn good reason for whatever he's doing. So: false locations, 100 bunkbeds, and ongoing communication with May's ex-husband? ::shrug:: Probably has something to do with one of these movies . . .

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Trisha F said...

Just saw J. August Richards who has been in this show, at a convention - he was lovely.