Television: Scorpion, "Crossroads"

I haven't done a thorough check, but I've concluded Scorpion's unevenness most likely comes from the writers. That is, some scripts are simply better than others. "Crossroads" is an example of a good one.

It's a simple enough plot involving transporting a key federal witness who requires protection. There are elements of Speed in the story (a runaway RV). And though it's a standard story with derivative parts, the writing kept it engaging, more so than the past couple episodes.

Oh, and we dealt with Toby and Happy some more. Namely, Happy showed up for their date and Toby . . . didn't. Slept through it. Which felt like a bit of a stretch considering how hard he'd pushed for this date, even though he explained that he'd been nervous and taken a calming drug that knocked him out. I guess, though, the show can't let these two move into any kind of happy relationship. Still, I'm not looking forward to them dragging this out.

And Toby again confronted Walter with his feelings for Paige. By the end of the episode, Walter was just about ready to make his move, but Drew came back.

In all, a solid episode. I'd like more like these.

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