Television: Scorpion, "Postcards from the Edge"

When we last saw Walter, he was driving off a cliff.

No, really.

The following morning, everyone is irritated when they can't find Walter and he won't answer his phone. Boy are they going to feel bad when they find out what happened!

We spend most of the rest of the episode waiting for them to get Walter out of the car, which is precariously balanced on a rock ledge. Like, seriously precarious. Like, the movement of a crow on the hood of the car is make or break.

Oh, and also Walter has to self-cauterize a wounded spleen. Or something.

Meanwhile, Paige is ready to take Ralph for a weekend in Maine, only to get to the airport and see Walter and his Ferrari on the news. So off she runs, leaving her luggage at the airport. Dumb.

I know this is all about the feelings between Walter and Paige, but it comes across as so very manufactured. I can't take it seriously. They aren't making me feel it, and good writers would. Instead it's all paint by number character development and maneuvering.

Still, the show has done well and is looking at a second season. And I'll probably continue to watch, or half-watch, which is more or less what I do now. Hey, the network doesn't care whether I'm glued, so long as I have the TV on their channel, right? Good enough is good enough.

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