Television: Elementary, "The Best Way Out Is Always Through"

A federal judge is supposedly murdered by an escaped prisoner.

It was pretty obvious from the moment Holmes, Watson, and Bell visited the prison that the main suspect had never escaped, that she'd in fact been murdered at the prison and reported as escaped. So I spent much of this episode waiting for them to figure it out and trace that thread back to its source.

The rest of the story wasn't all that interesting either. Politics and a fight over which private contractor would run the prison.

There was an attempt to personalize Bell's character by introducing a girlfriend for him, only to have them part when Watson informs him (in turn informed by Holmes) the woman is Internal Affairs working sub rosa. Because we hadn't seen Bell and Shauna's relationship unfold, we had nothing invested in it. Which made his anger at her "deception" appear irrational and overwrought. We're supposed to take it on faith all cops hate IA, I guess. And while we can logically understand Bell feels lied to/betrayed via this sin of omission, it was tough to see it as such a big deal. We weren't, as they say, feeling it.

The episode also featured a bizarre cameo by the Stanley Cup. Like . . . what?

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