Television: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., "Scars" & "S.O.S. 1 & 2"

Let's just lump all this together, shall we? I mean, I had a lot of thoughts while half-watching all this (because it just isn't interesting enough for me to give it my complete attention). For one thing, it's all very X-Men. Mutants, here known as "Inhumans" versus "Normals" or whatever. Same ol' story. And then, too, they keep trying to twist it as if to surprise us, but nothing does any more. Oh, so Cal isn't so bad after all, and it's Jiaying who is Magneto evil? ::shrug::

The bedrock of the show is a bunch of dysfunctional relationships exacerbated by extenuating circumstances. Like, things that are annoying are made worse by everything else that's happening. A person who is normally high-strung becomes murderous. That kind of thing.

We knew Bobbi would make it, since we knew she and Hunter are being given their own spinoff. And we sort of saw Ward's killing his dog-like, devoted lackey coming, too. Ha ha! He did just what he wanted Bobbi to suffer for! God, he's stupid.

Actually, we're supposed to think of Ward as wily and clever because he needs to be a worthy adversary for next season now that he's the de facto leader of Hydra. (yawn) Are we doing this again?

I suppose the one really interesting bit is that Simmons was swallowed by that thing. And right before her first date with Fitz. What crap timing. Not that there's a good time to be eaten by an alien object, I guess.

Will I watch next season? I don't know. Might depend on what else is on and how full my schedule is. But S.H.I.E.L.D. has definitely fallen from my "must" list. I feel lukewarm about it at best.

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