New York Lenormand & Burning Serpent Oracle

I recently participated in an Indiegogo campaign for new Lenormand cards by Robert M. Place. I've long enjoyed his Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery and was excited to have more decks by him. In this case, I got the Lenormand deck and the Burning Serpent Oracle.

I own a number of Lenormand decks now but none as traditional looking at this one. But even this one is a bit different because I chose the deck (there were options) that included Tarot correspondences instead of the playing cards normally featured on a Lenormand deck.

So instead of the Ace of Clubs, you see the Ring card above has the Ace of Wands on it. I find this adds an interesting new layer to my readings. (Your mileage may vary, depending on how well you know Tarot; if you have to run and look up each Tarot card, having them present on your Lenormand deck may only make things more complicated.)

I like the size of these cards, too; they're a little larger than my others. But beware the sharp corners!

And be sure you either already know Lenormand or have a handy reference book because this deck did not come with a manual.

The Burning Serpent Oracle, however, came with both a small reference pamphlet and a larger book that gives more details about each card. This oracle is more or less a Lenormand deck with some tweaks. For example, instead of a Child card, this deck has The Boy and The Girl. It also comes with two Man cards and two Woman cards so that one can either read for same-sex partners or can assign various identities to cards—one might be a partner and the other might stand for "any other man," or one might be someone you know and the other stand for someone you don't know, or something like that.

Sample 3-card reading from Burning Serpent

The Burning Serpent also has two additional cards: Osiris and Isis. According to the companion book, these represent the higher self of man and woman. Additional meanings for Osiris include possible danger from an unexpected source, while Isis may stand for achieving something thought impossible. When you think about their myths, this makes sense.

It's a lovely deck and I'm very much enjoying it. Both the New York Lenormand and the Burning Serpent Oracle are wonderful additions to my growing collection.

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