Stitch Fix

I like clothes, and sometimes I even enjoy shopping for them. But while I know what I like, I don't always take a broader view. And sometimes I don't know where to look for things, if that makes any sense. In short: clothes rut. Where everything kind of looks the same because I keep going to the same places again and again.

But then I found Stitch Fix and decided to give it a try. It involved answering a very thorough questionnaire about my lifestyle and habits and clothing preferences. But when my first box of clothes came, having been selected by a stylist assigned to me, I was quite impressed. And that's saying something since I'm very picky about my clothes.

Truth is, Ashley (the stylist) found some real winners, plus she selected stuff I would never have tried on in the store but in the comfort of my home found to be very flattering. In other words, she broke me out of my rut. And I've had multiple compliments on the Stitch Fix outfits.

The other nice thing is that you schedule a shipment for whenever you want one and can put in notes about what you might specifically be looking for. I asked for my next batch to come in early September, in advance of a trip to London later in the month. You keep what you like and send the rest back in a pre-labeled Tyvek baggie. Of course, I kept everything from my first shipment, so . . . And that's the other nice thing: I was given a discount for keeping it all. So even though there was one item I wasn't sure about, it made more sense to keep it than send it back, especially since I loved everything else. (And I've since grown to love that item as well.)

It's not for everyone, but I'd recommend Stitch Fix for friends who, like me, need to diversify their wardrobes. Also people who are just tired of the same old stores. Or maybe even for people who'd rather not go out and shop. I can't promise everyone will hit the jackpot like I did, but it's worth dropping in your quarter and giving it a spin.

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