Yankee Candle Update

A while back, I bought some new Yankee candles. And while many of them smelled nice in the jar, several have been disappointments when burned in my home office.

For example, Starry Sky is a really nice scent. But even the large jar candle isn't strong enough to fill my relatively small office (even with the door closed). Quiet Sky has a similar issue but does put forth a slightly stronger scent. Hearth smells pretty nice, too, but after prolonged burning simply smells smokey. Which, yeah, is kind of the point, but in short this one isn't so nice when left to accumulate. Lesson: the grey candles have issues.

I was so excited when they had Hydrangea again. Sure, it's not called "Blue Hydrangea" any more, but what difference could that make? A lot, it turns out. Hydrangea smells candy-like rather than floral.

Scents I can recommend include Blue Island Sky and Exotic Bloom.

I've also begun burning tea lights and find I enjoy them quite a lot. While Dune Grass is a bit light on fragrance, most of these provide prolonged scent and burn and all look really pretty in the beveled glass lantern I bought for them. Sandalwood, Frankincense, Spring Days, Honeysuckle . . . I even found some Blue Hydrangea! (Still doesn't smell quite like I remember, though.) One of my favorites is Evening Air.

Black Coconut remains a regular choice for my kitchen, too, as it does a great job of covering cooking smells.

Of course, I can't guarantee you'll be able to find all these scents anyway; the Yankee store nearest me—the only one in miles—is an outlet store that gets all the discontinued scents. So check your local store, outlet, or the online site for availability.

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