Television: 7 Days in Hell

I wanted this to be funny. It wasn't, really.

I wasn't even sure whether to file this under "television" or "movies" because it's a TV movie. Do they still make those? Apparently so.

In a send-up of behind-the-scenes documentaries, 7 Days in Hell covers the fictional tennis match between Aaron Williams (Andy Samberg) and Charles Poole (Kit Harington). It meets expectations for ridiculousness but not for laughs, instead largely relying on vulgar sex humor. I'm no prude, but that stuff is only kind of funny, and so this little piece of fluff ends up being one joke told over and over again.

Well, wait. There is the joke of the foul-mouthed, drunken Queen Elizabeth II. So 7 Days in Hell actually can count two jokes to its name . . . Told over and over.

Really, it's the faux interview pieces that are the best. David Copperfield is an amazingly good sport and actually brought the most laughs.

There's not much more to say. The whole thing is pretty thin. ::shrug::

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