Television: Doctor Who, "The Witch's Familiar"

Uh . . .

So Clara and Missy are doing a thing, and the Doctor is doing this other thing. And there are some rotting Daleks, and then Clara goes into a Dalek and Missy tries to get the Doctor to kill Clara (because Clara is "dressed" as a Dalek).

I dunno. Whatever.

Seriously, though, Davros tricks the Doctor into using some of his regeneration energy to heal him, thus also strengthening the Daleks (except this causes those rotting Daleks to become the Dalek equivalent of living dead . . . If the living dead were sludge). So now maybe Daleks are hybrids? With some Time Lord power or something? ::shrug::

I suppose the important thing is the Daleks now know Gallifrey still exists. Oops.

Oh, and the Doctor uses sunglasses now instead of a sonic screwdriver. He's hip like that. (Or Moffat liked the idea so much in Sherlock he had to transplant it.)

Is having a female Time Lord—Time Lady—his response to criticism that the new Doctor should have been a woman (or a POC, but in any case not another white man)? Of course, then he makes this woman evil, so . . .

Although, honestly, Missy is one of the more interesting characters these days. It's fun to be bad, amiright? Missy is this show's Moriarty. Pretty much the exact same character. Moffat really only has one note.

But at least the Doctor is revealed not to be a child killer. That's Moffat's other favorite trick: the fake out. He needs a new toolbox, some fresh blood in his work. It's all going to be more of the same otherwise.

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Christine Rains said...

We all knew the Doctor wouldn't kill a child. We all knew he wouldn't kill Clara. And we all knew Davros was trying to trick the Doctor. Even the Doctor knew. The only one we can't predict is Missy. I guess that's why she's the most interesting one.