Television: Scorpion, "Satellite of Love"

So. We're doing the will they/won't they with Paige and Walter and with Toby and Happy? Ugh. Overkill much? Can the writers not think of any other potential drama to create between these people?

We've also added a snappy new (female!) government person. "See? She's a strong female character because she snaps orders at people!" Sigh.

I don't know. I like Scorpion, but . . . It's wearing thin.

Season 2 starts with Walter not quite ready for prime time as he continues to recover and go through physical therapy after last season's car accident. But of course Gabe gets a call (he's been working as an advisor on film sets, and we get a few random seconds of Gene Simmons) that brings our group back together, and Walter jumps in even though his doctor advises against it.

Walter has been having dizzy spells, btw. Which I'm guessing will be super important later.

Then something about missiles. And the group miscalculates a couple times . . . It actually wasn't all that interesting. Nor was any of the personal drama compelling. Which is why I'm questioning whether to keep watching this show. I'll give it another couple episodes to see if it can recapture me.

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