Television: Scream Queens, "Pilot" & "Hell Week"

So if you're looking for something kind of ridiculous, this fits the bill. While I couldn't stomach some of the bloodier parts, I did find Scream Queens entertaining. I know everyone says "Mean Girls" and, yeah, this is that except here at least some of the mean girls get what's coming to them. Of course, some innocents become collateral damage along the way.

I won't go into details about the plot, but to summarize: A sorority house ruled by meanie Chanel (Emma Roberts doing pretty much the exact same thing she did in AHS: Coven) is targeted by a serial killer. Why? Well, it might have something to do with how one of the pledges was left to die in a bathtub during a party 20 years ago. The pledge had just given birth, and now that baby is old enough to take revenge.

This is the running theory, though there are certainly a number of suspects on offer in the show, which is part of the fun. Jamie Lee Curtis does a fine job as the dean who hates sororities, and there are at least two characters obsessed with and/or turned on by death.

I've already dropped Minority Report, but I'll continue to watch Scream Queens. It's over the top, and I could use that in my otherwise rather heavy viewing diet.

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