Concerts: Richard Marx (Again)

You can visit this post if you want to know about the last time I saw Marx play, which was also the first time. Last night I saw him again, at the same venue. It was just as much fun, and this time I took my 7-year-old daughter with me.

He played his hits—acoustically. Which meant some of the songs I love like "That Was Lulu" were not included. (Was that one ever even a hit?) He played a new one, too, that hasn't been recorded yet. It's called "Not In Love," and was a great piano number.

What's fun about seeing Marx live is that he's really funny as well as talented. He has good patter. And "How Can I Miss You (When You Won't Go Away)?" remains a favorite of mine.

I tried to explain to my daughter how Marx has had this impressive career, and how he was my first musician crush (I'd had TV and movie star crushes but Marx was my first rock star crush), and how this and that song meant a lot to me at various times in my life. I think it was too much for her to absorb, though. Instead she more or less walked away understanding that this singer was important to me, and that I was excited to see him play, and that meant more to her than anything. Well, and when Marx said something like, "Thanks for coming to hear these songs I made up," my daughter turned to me with wide eyes and said, "He made them up all by himself?!"

Yes, dear, he did.

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