Television: AHS: Hotel, "Checking In"

I expected something creepier, actually. Or less cliché. I mean, vampires and creepy kids and dead things in mattresses . . . Maybe I'm jaded, but none of this wows me.

Though I will say I'm pretty curious about whatever is going on with Wes Bentley.

And I do have a weird "Hotel California" story, but I won't go into that here. Plus my play "Warm Bodies" was about a haunted hotel room, so, you know, I dig the subject matter in general.

Oh, if you're wondering, this season is about, well, a hotel. Owned by a vampire (Lady Gaga, natch). Except the building is being sold, and that puts the bizarre workings of the hotel in jeopardy. By which I mean Kathy Bates having to procure victims for said vampire, and Sarah Paulson as, um, an undead hooker? I might have some of that wrong; my mind wandered a bit.

Maybe it's just a slow start. Maybe it will build. I'll watch it anyway, or at least leave it on while I play 1010 on my iPhone.

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