Television: AHS: Hotel, "Chutes and Ladders"

The vampire stuff in this show is just dumb. I want to say that flat out. It's overwrought and trite at the same time, which is almost impressive. In a bad way. But maybe that's what they were going for? Dunno.

The music cues especially. Ugh.

Everything else, though, is pretty interesting.

This episode gives us the backstory on the hotel's original owner, Mr. March, whose particular pleasure was bloody murder.

Meanwhile, Wes Bentley (because I really can't think of him as anyone but Wes Bentley) brings his daughter to the hotel for a fashion show, and she sneaks off with that other kid . . . I have to say, after his son disappearing you'd think Wes would be watching his daughter like a hawk. But no. He's kind of a lousy father.

But anyway, the daughter discovers her brother isn't dead and hasn't aged. She tries to get him to go home but he says he IS home, that he likes the hotel, and she can just visit whenever she wants.

And vampire stuff. Sigh. Um . . . Lady Gaga decides she wants a new boyfriend, basically, and evicts the one who was Kathy Bates' son in favor of a coked-up runway model. Whatever. I'm pretty sure she was the wife of Mr. March, too, way back when. Was probably the one to call the police on him when she was tired of him.

And Sarah Paulson's just sort of there. Still. I'm sure we'll get her whole story eventually.

It's pretty bad, perhaps, when you've given up on character names and are just calling the characters by their actors. It's not that I'm not enjoying it, though. I'm not blissed out on it either. I'm curious to see where it goes but worried this show has lost the ability to surprise or amaze me. We have come to expect the shock factor, so . . . ::shrug:: We're no longer shocked. Or wowed. And maybe we don't have to be. So long as the story itself is good, the show shouldn't need to up the ante every season. But we've come to the point where now it feels like it might be trying too hard. And that's never good.

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