Television: Doctor Who, "The Girl Who Died"

Aaaand . . . we're back to stuff that loses my interest almost immediately.

I dunno, the episode started with what? Clara in space and the Doctor having to rescue her? And then there were Vikings and an alien on testosterone therapy or something. And the whole thing became How to Train Your Viking + Look Who's Talking. At least that's what I gleaned from glancing at the screen every seven to ten minutes.

Oh, and that chick (Maisie Williams) from Game of Thrones was there. They had to use her special storytelling powers to defeat the bad guys. I think? I really wasn't interested enough to follow the plot very closely. She saved the Vikings, but she died and the Doctor put something inside her to repair her and bring her back to life, making her sort of immortal because the thing will keep repairing her so that she continues to live indefinitely. Unless, I dunno, her head gets blown off? I don't know how they'd fix that. Make a new head? I don't really know the limitations of these things.

The Doctor leaves her with another repair thing, too, so she can find someone to make immortal and keep her company. Sort of like Claudia and Madeline in Interview with the Vampire. Which leads me to another question: Does she not age now because she died?

And it looks like this character comes back next week to hang out with the Doctor some more. Because . . . why not? Maybe Maisie just wanted to do something, anything that didn't require GoT wardrobe choices. So, you know, highway bandits it is. Yay?

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Christine Rains said...

I had high hopes for this episode and I was so disappointed. I was bored. I adore Maisie, but her role was dull. And she's coming back next week. Something more dynamic, maybe? My fingers are crossed.