Television: Limitless, "The Legend of Marcos Ramos"

Yeah, I'm a week behind on this show. Sorry. Have a lot of real life going on at the moment.

I had this one figured out from the moment the boss FBI agent said, "Let's get the task force on this." But the show was still a good one, and Brian's situation continues to be entertainingly complicated. But boy are they milking the Bradley Cooper footage! Also, Brian is an idiot for not realizing Harris really likes him.

Boys are dumb.

In this episode, Brian, Harris et al. go in search of an assassin who may have picked off a retired FBI agent who'd gone into consulting work. The threads led to this Marcos Ramos, and given the name you know it's a whole drug cartel thing. I won't bother with the details or give the game away, but it was all relatively basic.

The B plot involved Brian running into an ex-girlfriend about whom he'd been very serious. She notices he's "different" and they light things up again only to have Brian walk away because his life is, as before mentioned, very complicated at the moment and he has too many secrets.

And then the episode ends with Mr. Sands turning up. He works for Senator Morra and will be giving Brian tasks of some kind. The complication factor now goes up.

I continue to enjoy the show, which is a nice balance of funny and dramatic. It has heavy moments but feels lighter than a lot of my other fare. While The Leftovers and Fargo are brilliant, they are also very dark, so Limitless ends up being a buoy.

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