Television: Limitless, "Page 44"

Sands demands that Brian steal FBI files regarding NZT. Brian tries to fool Sands (and Morra) by making up some documents. It doesn't work, and in retaliation Brian's dad ends up back in the hospital. So Brian goes ahead and steals the real documents and turns them over.

Meanwhile there's something about a Chinese spy. A plot designed to show us the slippery slope of a good person making bad decisions, which is exactly the slope Brian is on.

Oh, and Harris' dead father left behind some paintings. Harris tells the art dealer she can go ahead and sell them, sight unseen. But of course then Harris is compelled to attend the gallery showing and sees one of the paintings is of her. Of course. Because we all saw that coming a bazillion miles away.

There's also something about an immortal mouse. Well, okay, not immortal. But Brian helps a scientist via an online chatroom, and the scientist makes it so a mouse can live longer than usual. Then when the mouse is stolen and the scientist is framed for murder, Brian helps him. This plot is designed to remind us Brian really is a good person, even though he steals secret files. He's just is a really bad situation is what the writers are trying to tell us. Or, rather, beat us over the head with. WE GET IT.

It's still a good show, though. Despite the clich├ęs and overkill.

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