Television: Limitless, "Side Effects May Include..."

So Brian's immunity shot is wearing off and he's starting to suffer side effects from the NZT. Sands tells him to get his next shot he'll have to get Harris arrested and sent to prison. Of course Brian refuses, suffers for a while, and then Senator Morra (gotta milk the Bradley Cooper stuff) turns up and congratulates Brian on being a person of "character."

I think it's interesting, though, at Morra particularly notes that Brian is not like Sands, someone who follows orders without question. No integrity, really, in Sands.

So Brian is fine and Harris is fine except not really because she nearly gets fired anyway.

But let's go back a little first. Brian showed Harris the files about her dad and his NZT thing, and now Harris feels weird working for Naz because Naz has committed the sin of omission in not telling her about the file and her dad, etc. Which is just when Naz decides to pick Harris for an important FBI exercise in which they will be the "Red Team" setting up some kind of terrible event so the "Blue Team" can neutralize it. War games stuff. Naz even gets Harris a meeting with the Director of the FBI, but Harris is so busy dealing with (a) Brian being sick, and (b) hunting down info about her dad's NZT use that she blows the meeting off.


Naz isn't so easily fooled, of course; she didn't get where she is by being a dummy. And she has a great line, muttered to herself as Harris walks away at one point: "Would you tell me if he was?" She's talking about Brian, and she sounds like a mother whose daughter is hooked on a new boyfriend.

So yeah, Naz confronts Harris about having seen the file, and explains she'd been trying to push Harris up the ladder so that she'd have the clearance to read the file—legally. She's not the bad guy here; she's just trying to work within the system.

Well, whether that's good or bad is sort of a gray area, right?

Anyway, as for Harris' father, well, there was a rehab center in which it seems some addicts were being given NZT as almost a drug trial kind of thing. Brian hunts down the guy (supposedly dead, but not really!) who'd been handling said trial, and he said he'd been given a chemical formula, no idea where it came from, etc. But the NZT seemed to be helping the patients, like the way Harris' dad had gone back to his painting and was more productive than ever. And then all the NZT trial patients began disappearing, dying . . .

The episode ends with Sands disguised as a delivery truck driver dropping a bomb (literally) at the guy's house. So ends that line of inquiry.

Continues to be a good show, and so far they're doing a decent job of building the mythology and central mystery.

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