Television: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., "4,722 Hours"

I was marking math tests while watching, and it totally did not impact my ability to follow the story because this episode was really just waiting around waiting for Simmons to get rescued.

The titular hours are the amount of time she spent on the forlorn planet the monolith sucked her to. She was alone for a few weeks and then she met an astronaut who'd been stuck there for, like, 42 years or something. So Simmons went to stay in his shelter (well, okay, at first he kidnapped her and then they made nice), and she kept working on ways to get back, but none of them worked. And there were requisite moments of peril, and a few moments of hopelessness, and some kissing, and then Fitz sent up that flare and saved Simmons.

But astronaut dude got left behind. (He totally had a name. Steve or something? I dunno. I didn't care that much.)

Which is why Simmons says they have to go back. Obvs.

And Fitz will help her.

The end.

In some ways it was nice not to have an episode that bounced around with twenty different characters. But in some ways this didn't need a whole hour to itself either. So it's kind of a wash.

I mean, we didn't really need to explore Simmons' character; she's pretty well established. And the astronaut guy . . . ::shrug:: Maybe they'll bring him back and it'll be a complex love triangle thing? And then I'm not into survival stories, so that stuff just kind of dragged on. It's the kind of thing that works better in prose than on screen.

But whatever. Next week we're apparently back to our game of Everybody Hates Ward. Which can be fun but also has the potential to drag on too long as well. We'll see.

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