Television: Scorpion, "Cuba Libre"

Okay, so this was better than the season premiere. Though of course the frank argument about logic versus emotion was a bit like being beat over the head with a blunt instrument.

In this episode, a woman named Sonia comes to ask the team to help catch a known Serbian war criminal who killed her parents and destroyed her town. Cabe was actually the one to get Sonia adopted into a nice, stable family, but Sonia herself is far from stable. She's consumed with a desire for revenge.

So of course the team agrees to help her.

Said criminal is living in Cuba now, and what's more he has a list (it's always a list) of where the other war criminals are, too. Cuz someone has to keep the roster for their monthly Skype chats or whatever, I guess.

There are the usual hoops to jump through, the usual complications. And Sonia makes things worse by being all emotional and acting impulsively. Which gives Walter a reason to lecture and say that people who use their reason and shut off their emotions don't make mistakes.

Whatever, Walter. Your schtick is getting old, and you doth protest too much anyway.

And then in the end they catch the guy and get the list and get out of Cuba. Just as you would expect. But at least it was a more engaging plot than the premiere. Wins it a reprieve from my own list—the list of shows I'm cutting from my viewing schedule. (Gotham, Minority Report . . .)

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