Television: Scorpion, "Super Fun Guys"

Sylvester is put on the spot when Megan asks him to (a) be there when she comes out of surgery, and (b) not to tell Walter she's having surgery. Which means Sylvester has to refuse to go to Kazakhstan on a "super fun" mission to find a nuclear weapon before it falls into the wrong hands. They Argo it and go posing as part of a film crew and immediately blow it because, smart as they are, they don't know anything about what film crews do. Or aren't good at playing pretend. Or something.

While it was a fun setup that allowed for awkward costumes, the episode fell short of its full potential. I just wasn't as amused or engaged as I felt I should have been.

But the Megan/Sylvester thing was handled well (they're almost painfully cute as a couple, but in the best possible way), and it was nice to see Toby shaking off Happy and focusing on his boxing. Now, of course, Happy is piqued by the change; she's used to him trying, used to playing defense, so what happens when there's nothing to defend against?

And Ray (aka Marshall) . . . I'm still not sold on his addition to the cast. He does seem always to be able to help in mundane ways, though. But I can't quite warm to him.

In short, a fair episode in which the minutia was better than the larger plot.

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