Television: Doctor Who, "Sleep No More"

So let me just . . . This was a story about how the crud from your eyes when you sleep becomes sentient and tries to kill you? Am I understanding this correctly?

This episode felt like something I'd seen before. Repeatedly. People stuck on a space station with something bad trying to kill them. It's really just the nature of the bad thing that changes, and in this case . . . Again, really? Sleep crud?

The ending was pretty lame, too. It felt like a cheesy story my 10-year-old might come up with. It also felt like this episode should have aired closer to Hallowe'en, which is when you can more get away with that kind of thing.

So I don't know. The episode didn't much hold my interest and felt like a throwaway. Passing bonus points for use of Shakespeare, but that's about it.

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Christine Rains said...

I read my book while watching. That's how interesting the episode was to me! Yeah, Sleep crud. Whatever.