Television: Elementary, "Tag, You're Me"

After being away on vacation I'm behind on my DVR viewing and don't even know where to start, so I'll start here.

This episode of Elementary had Holmes and Watson back on familiar turf as they helped the NYPD figure out the double homicide of two men who looked remarkably alike but were not related. Clearly someone was out to kill one of these men, but when confronted with two the murderer decided to hedge his bets and kill both. It all traces back to a website that specializes in helping people find doppelgangers. (I'm still not clear why anyone would want to do that, except if and when you needed an alibi to a crime, so . . .)

In truth, the story had a lot of holes that left me sputtering and raging at the telly. Once you know someone has a lookalike, why would you believe their alibi? And sure enough, it all looped back to that. So while it was an interesting plot, it was easily unraveled. And I can't really enjoy this show if I'm ahead of the dynamic duo. They're supposed to be brilliant, right? Or at least one of them is? When they overlook the obvious, I have problems with it.

The B story involved Holmes helping his dad with a work issue, the idea being that the sooner the issue was resolved, the sooner Holmes Sr. would leave town. Having Daddy in New York makes Holmes feel cramped. But at the end of the day, Morland declares his intention to stay in New York for the time being. He's quite suddenly feeling paternal it seems. Has losing Mycroft done something to him? Or is Morland suffering a terminal illness that will be revealed later? Sigh. I hope not. It would be so clich&eacute.

It was an okay episode. Not stellar but not the worst. The season is off to a steady and solid if not amazing start.

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