Television: Jessica Jones, "AKA Ladies Night"

When someone told me this was another Marvel-universe show, I was like, "Jesus, no, I'm so sick of Marvel."

Then when they told me David Tennant was in it, I was like, "Holy f***, turn it on RIGHT NOW!"

But I only had enough time to watch the first episode, and there was hardly any David Tennant at all. So I'm a bit bummed.

Still, I did like the show. I mean, I think I'd like it even without the promise of David Tennant dangling in front of my nose like a juicy carrot? It's difficult to be sure.

The show itself follows a private investigator named, er, Jessica Jones. She gets hired to find a couple's missing college-student daughter only to discover the girl has been taken by the same man (Tennant!) who'd taken Jessica 6+ months before. A man who should be dead.

And by "taken" we mean this man has powers of persuasion that convince people to do whatever he wants them to do, often including Very Bad Things.

Jessica, meanwhile, is apparently an Inhuman? We get a taste of her having super strength, and the man calls her "one of them," so I'm extrapolating here.

I haven't read the comics and probably won't read anything about the characters and how they tie in with every other thing. It's just too much, and I'm feeling bombarded by Marvel these days. I've given up Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. already. But if I can enjoy Jessica Jones on its own, without having to cloud things with all this excess "universe" knowledge, that will be worth something.

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