Television: Scorpion, "Area 51"

So not long after watching the CIA poach Brian from Limitless, I was seeing them offer Scorpion a big job as well, and though it was meant to appear above board, it was clearly not. The CIA is coming off poorly these days.

Megan is very ill, and Walter is enticed by the big payout the CIA is promising (he wants to fund research that will save his sister—specifically he wants to download her consciousness), so he takes the job. I sort of lost interest after that. There were planes and secrets and lots of fussing about how Walter was handling Megan's illness. None of it had me very riveted except . . . I did enjoy seeing Sylvester and Megan. It'll be a shame if/when she dies because they're becoming one of the best parts of the show.

No Ray this week either. Hmm. (Or did I just miss him when I wasn't paying attention?)

In short, it wasn't a very compelling episode. The ones that focus too much on Walter rarely are. We get it, he's emotionally stunted. Fine, whatever. Use that however it works for plot points, but stop harping on it. I'm tired of being beat over the head with Walter's inability to express his feelings. *gag*

More Cabe would be nice. Walter is certainly more tolerable when diluted by Cabe. I've had my fill of Happy and Toby, but focusing on other characters now and then wouldn't hurt the show.

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