Television: Scorpion, "Crazy Train"

Basically an entire episode devoted to trying to stop a runaway subway train.

Which isn't to say it wasn't cool or whatever, but there's not much more to say for it than that.

I mean, Paige and Ralph are on the train when it starts speeding up. It's an automated train, no driver. And of course someone has fiddled with it, so there's that whole find-out-who-did-it thing along with the stop-the-train thing. There's Walter jumping onto the train to help, and the first few things not working so they keep having to MacGyver solutions. There's Cabe yelling a lot. The usual.

Paige gets mad when, toward the end, Walter nearly sacrifices himself to save them (and everyone else on the train). This is supposed to be more of the tension between them, but honestly, I just can't even be made to care any more. I think I'd have been more angry if my son was about to see someone who meant a lot to him die violently, even if it was to save us.

Oh, and Happy goes and does really bad stand-up comedy. Which may have been the best part of the episode. (The episode started with Toby losing his first boxing fight and ended with Happy bombing as a comedienne. Interesting bookending.)

Finally, Ray tells Walter not to get too far from the people who mean the most to him. We get a story about Ray and his best fireman bud, how he lost touch with the widow and son. This is meant to give Ray depth, I guess, but his character is still so spotty I haven't been able to really connect with him yet.

Overall, an okay episode. It felt like all the right elements were there, yet somehow it didn't completely hold my interest. Like it was so rote I didn't really need to pay very close attention.


Christine Rains said...

This was the first episode of Scorpion I've watched. My mom was visiting and she watches it, so I sat with her. I had fun with the episode. It wasn't great, but I want to see more now. Though, anything could have seemed good after that horrible Supergirl episode. I'm letting that go now. I'm disappointed it wasn't better because I'd love to have a female superhero show to watch.

M said...

Yeah, it's not a bad show. I liken it to MacGyver if there were a team rather than one guy solving all the problems. Haven't bothered with Supergirl.