Television: Scorpion, "US vs. UN vs. UK"

Members of MI6 turn up just in time to capitalize on the new Bond film and demand that Scorpion help them assassinate a UN member who also happens to be an arms dealer.

In truth, it was a pretty good episode. I don't want to give anything away, so I won't go into details, but I found the whole of it satisfying, even if the ending (which consists of an Ocean's 11-style flashback) seems a tad cliché. The fun is in seeing how it's done.

For the B plot, we discover Walter has gotten a court order that allows him to dictate Megan's treatment, including intubating her when she doesn't want it. When Megan awakens and begs Sylvester to do something to stop her having to be intubated again, Sylvester takes a big step and marries Megan so that his say will trump Walter's. (The court order was predicated on Megan having no spouse or other closer relative than Walter.)

And I'm starting to wonder if Ray is going to add up to something bigger later on. Otherwise he's the world's most convenient character, always "knowing a guy" or happening to speak Polish when the team needs it. There has to be a story there, right? Something beyond the firefighter thing? I could maybe come to like Ray if there's a big reveal somewhere down the line.

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