Notebook Lenormand

I saw this deck in a Facebook group and it really appealed to me, largely because of the use of keywords on the cards.

Being a writer, I like words. Obviously, the keywords on these cards are not the only possible interpretations, but they're good starting points and I think would be especially handy for those just beginning to learn Lenormand.

I like the size of the cards, too, which are not quite as small as some decks. This makes them easier to shuffle. The artwork itself on the cards is nothing special, but the pops of color for the pips/playing cards are nice. If you're more a visual reader, though, this deck may not be the one for you.

The deck itself comes from The Fortune Teller (Paris Debono) in Australia. He has a lot of neat decks on his site. I've got my eye on a couple more, but I can't really see ordering decks from Australia too often. I was lucky to be able to find this one on Amazon (sent by Paris in Australia), and it arrived in good time, well before the estimated date. Nice little box, too. I'm highly satisfied.

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