Podcasts: Dead Authors

So this is a podcast in which H.G. Wells (portrayed by comedian Paul F. Tompkins) travels through time and interviews other famous, and famously dead, authors (portrayed by other comedians). As with anything funny, it's largely subjective and some are simply better than others. But I can at least vouch for the Tennessee Williams episode and the Mark Twain one. I tried J.R.R. Tolkien but was less amused by that one.

There are 50 episodes, so I'm skipping around and finding ones I like. The podcasts are recorded in front of a live audience, and for the benefit of 826LA, which offers tutoring and writing programs. So you can feel good while laughing 'til you cry. (Which I literally just did while listening to Mark Twain talk about Shakespeare.)

DON'T rely on these podcasts for factual information! It's clear some light research is done ahead of time, but the rest is pure improve. To complain that something isn't right or true is to take the fun out of it. So if that kind of thing bothers you, this podcast isn't for you.

Go here for a look at all the episodes.

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