Television: Jessica Jones, The Man in the High Castle, & Making a Murderer

So. My winter break has been somewhat productive, but also been a bit of a break from the television grind. (Meanwhile, I've seen Star Wars three times now.)

First off, I finished Jessica Jones. On the whole, I really enjoyed it. However. I will say somewhere toward the back half the pacing began to feel a bit off, as if they were stretching things out. And, without spoiling anything, the final dénouement was, to me, a tad weak. As if after all that stretching they realized they had to wrap it up really quickly because they'd run out of time. I just wanted something a lot more intense than what I got. But I'll still watch the second season, which I believe will focus on whatever is going on with Simpson. Whether or not I'll give Daredevil another try remains to be seen. I've been told by many it's worth it, but I watched the first couple episodes and wasn't hooked. So I don't know.

Speaking of not hooked, despite all the buzz, I didn't love The Man in the High Castle. At least, not the first episode, which is all I watched. It has great production value, and an interesting premise, but they failed to make me care about any of the characters. The only one I had any empathy/sympathy for was the young Japanese man whom Juliana stood up. I felt really bad for him. It clearly took all his courage to ask her to tea like that. But the rest of the show? Meh. I probably won't keep watching.

But. Last night I did watch the first two episodes of Making a Murderer, and I'm all in. I only stopped at two because it was really late. No spoilers, please! I anticipate zipping through the remainder relatively quickly. I'm not usually a binge watcher, but on this I could definitely fill up.

What have you been watching? Or did you keep the television off during the holidays?

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