Television: Scorpion, "White Out"

I want to say that I tried to watch "Dam Breakthrough" and just couldn't even get into it. Just couldn't care. And I didn't much care about this episode either. For me, Scorpion is starting to fizzle.

This episode is about a Special Forces team that is pinned down and how the Scorpion team needs to go to Antarctica to fix a satellite so drones can be deployed in time to save the men. There is a lot of Toby and Happy stuff, and a lot of Ralph being overly precious, and they ruined one of my favorite songs because now I'm going to think of this stupid plot every time I hear it. Sigh.

Just before writing about this show, I was writing up Limitless, and I think that show is just so much better. Everything I like about Limitless—the humor, the well-rounded characters that feel like real people, the carefully nuanced relationships—is the opposite here. Scorpion feels forced. They keep harping on the Toby and Happy thing, the Walter and Paige thing, and everyone comes across as very one-dimensional. Walter "learning" how to be a functioning human being is not entertaining. Every now and then he shows progress, but on the whole the character remains unchanged. At the start of every episode it's as if a reset button has been pushed and every character is the same as ever. The show feels like it's spinning its wheels and not going anywhere.

I honestly don't know how much longer I'll keep watching.

On another note, I guess I'm officially old now. I watch CBS. Hmm.

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Sheena-kay Graham said...

Well they have that young and hip show Supergirl. Lol. Yeah Scorpion never got me. I am more a Limitless girl.