Television: The X-Files, "Founder's Mutation"

More alien babies.

Or, babies with alien DNA.

They're human babies but the doctors have been tinkering with them, all in the name of curing diseases or whatever.

There was a sister and a brother and some other stuff.

There were flashes of what life with William might've been like for Scully and Mulder. (William was their son; they put him up for adoption in order to protect him.)

Um . . . That was kind of the thing. Oh, except high-pitched noises that only some people could hear. But that was because of one of the semi-alien kids.

I dunno. I kind of didn't care.

Thing is, this is almost too personal? Like, it was great when Scully and Mulder worked together and bantered and cared for one another in a platonic way. But we've done the Moonlighting thing where they've had a relationship, and a child, and all that plays into what's happening, but . . . Instead of adding to the story, it actually detracts. Scully and Mulder are stiff and awkward with one another. They have this whole past, this history now that makes it difficult for them to work together, which means the real joy in the show is gone. The light has gone out.

Whatever. I'll try again next week and see if maybe they work out the kinks. Chalk it up to being rusty. I hope.

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Sheena-kay Graham said...

Have not seen this yet but hope things get better. I loved the original X-Files.