Books: The Lake House by Kate Morton

In The Lake House, Kate Morton twists her usual frame story/historical flashback style into a head-hopping tale that spans the better part of a century. The plot is spun out from multiple points of view, some more interesting than others. This makes the book a tad uneven, though what must be counted the "main characters" are at least the most interesting and get the most pages devoted to them.

The Lake House is a mystery that balances on the fragile strands of human relationships. In Cornwall, in 1933, the young son of a wealthy family goes missing. Meanwhile, in 2003, an off-duty London police officer takes on the cold case while trying to distract herself from other problems.

The threads here are woven nicely enough that one can almost forgive the hefty coincidences that plague the solution. And one could also almost want to see these characters again in another mystery novel.

Morton has a deft way of building characters, and she does a fair job of keeping the reader guessing here. Overall, I very much enjoyed The Lake House.

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