Television: Elementary, "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing"

An episode predicated on a ridiculous amount of happenstance. Someone is faking his murder as two other people plot to kill him. So . . . whodunnit? And is everybody happy now?

The subplot involving Watson's ongoing blackmail of one of Morland's employees as she tries to eke information about Morland's doings was far more interesting, even though hardly present. The employee begs off when he realizes he's very close to being found out, then Morland makes an abrupt visit to the townhouse—Watson discovers him there, so who knows what his lackey has dug up while she and Sherlock were out—and the employee ends up dead. The murder is meant to look like an accident, but Watson knows better.

And so, one suspects, does Sherlock. Watson has made up any number of excuses to meet this informant, but Sherlock is smarter than that, right? A couple of his comments during the episode invite Watson to 'fess up, but she doesn't.

So what has Watson received in return for all this runaround? News that Morland seems to have had a Russian assassin—the one that supposedly tried to kill him and did kill his lady friend—busted out of a gulag. But whether he's looking for revenge or has something to hide is still a big question mark. Looks like we're building to quite the finale.

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