Television: Limitless, "Finale: Part Two!"

So, fellow viewers, are we satisfied with this ending?

I'd say I am.

Skipping all the padding, it comes down to a shoot-out in the lab that was manufacturing NZT. Sands is killed (we think, but in shows like this it's never a given). Piper gets away and turned up at Brian's parents' house (now also his house) and revealed she'd created a permanent immunity shot but didn't want the government to have it. She gives it to Brian—he's been taking NZT as he tries to find her, and the side effects have been increasing—and then leaves. So . . . are they still girlfriend/boyfriend, or . . . I mean, is this a LDR now? Do we care?

I suppose the point was to have her as a character who can pop in whenever. If the show gets renewed.

Meanwhile, Brian gets to form a fresh new team at the FBI. This sort of resets the show to its beginning thesis: Brian + FBI friends, yet he's also harboring a secret. So if there's a second season, we can start from the top.

I did have one question, though. The FBI said that Sands and his people couldn't be making enough money just from sales of NZT. Really? I mean, even if it sells for $20 a pill, and you consider the dealer is taking a cut of the profits, if Sands' guy is the creator/distributor, the money all funnels back to Sands. (Which begs the question of where and how Morra makes and gets the drug?) And as widespread as this drug supposedly was, that's a lot of money. But whatever. I don't watch the show to debate economics or supply and demand.

Anyway, here's hoping Limitless gets a shot at another season. If not, though, it ended well and has been a fun ride.

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