Movies: Zootopia

Finally got to see this one now that it's out on DVD. Everyone went on and on about how wonderful it is . . . And it is pretty great. I think it's voice cast perfectly, and while I found none of the "twists" surprising, I still enjoyed it.

I'd say this one is, for me, slightly better than Big Hero 6? Which I also loved but found rather rote and predictable. So the thing that makes Zootopia just a smidge better is that it's more original in its world building. Though I do wonder what the predators eat now? Manufactured proteins? Or has everyone gone veggie?

For the maybe two people out there who haven't seen it, Zootopia is about a bunny named Judy who dreams of becoming a police officer in the big city of Zootopia. Everyone tells her she can't; there's never been a bunny cop before. But of course she proves them wrong and then must battle prejudices while also facing the realization that, for someone so proud of herself for being open minded, she has some prejudices of her own. There are additional themes of trying even when everyone tells you to quit, and of helping others once you reach the top.

It's a super cute movie, one of the few I'd be willing to sit through again with the kids if and when they want to watch it. Then again, I could listen to Idris Elba talk all day long, so . . . While I don't know that this was laugh-out-loud funny the way some people told me it was, I did very much enjoy it.

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