Television: O.J.: Made in America"

Okay, so let me be clear about where I am with this. I caught part of the first episode while at the hairdresser's. Then I watched most of the second episode, and I've just seen all of the third. I believe there are five total, but at about two hours each, one can only absorb so much at a time.

We all know how it ends, but I'm enjoying the interviews and in-depth reporting. The people who made this documentary managed to get access to a lot of the players in the O.J. circus. And everything is visually interesting in the way it's edited together, interviews + archival footage.

This makes the American Crime Story show look campy, though that already did to a point. Now just more so by comparison. ACS appears glib next to this. Though I'll admit to saying, "Oh, that's the David Schwimmer guy" and so on when they show old footage.

Things like the Bronco chase happened just after I graduated from high school, so I wasn't really paying much attention. We weren't sports fans in our house, so I had no particular feeling for O.J. Simpson one way or another. I'd seen him in a couple movies maybe, and I knew him from commercials, but whatever. There's a newness to all this, for me, that might not be there for those who were more invested when it all went down. That is to say, others may not find it as interesting since for them it might all be a rehash.

At the time of the trial, I was only marginally aware of it, though I remember my college roommate turning the TV on to watch the verdict. No one was going to class; everyone wanted to know. I had no opinion about the case itself, whether he was guilty or not, because I simply hadn't been paying any attention. Looking at it now, I have definite opinions, but I don't want to start any fights, so I'll keep them to myself.

In short, I'll say again that I'm enjoying this documentary miniseries. If this sort of thing interests you, give it a look. I'll be watching the last couple episodes in the next few nights.

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