Television: Mr. Robot revisited

So I started out really liking Mr. Robot in its first season. It was quirky and weird. I had the twist figured out but was interested in the way they managed it from a writing and production standpoint. Yet somewhere near the last third of the season I realized I didn't much care about the show itself. Like, about the characters or what any of them were doing. I didn't like them. And you can argue that I'm not meant to like any of them, but in order for me to care about any of them, or about what happens, I do kind of have to like at least one of them.

So I gave up right around the time that one creep killed the guy at the party. On the rooftop. Remember? That and the guy dying on the newscast are the last things I really remember.

Still, I thought I'd try to come back for Season 2 and see if my interest could be rekindled. Elliot is avoiding doing much of anything, it seems, and F Troop Society is still doing its thing, and they're still looking for that creep, and . . . Oh, who am I kidding? Aside from that one guy's recaps of Seinfeld, I didn't find anything to keep me entertained in this at all. I just. don't. care. To the point that I find the show mind numbing. With its monochromatic wash, it's like a low hum in my brain that makes me want to fall asleep.

I realize it's popular with critics and many viewers. But I just can't plug in.

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